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Trainee | Shahanaz Sheikh | Internship Experience

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Shahanaz Sheikh (26) holds a PG in Environmental Science and is currently working with M M Enviro Projects Pvt. Ltd. She has shared a very unique experience for the benefit of all the students:

  • Internship Field: Trainee

  • Company: National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI)

  • Location: Nagpur

  • Duration: 6 months

How did you find out about the internship?

Through my teacher's reference.

What were your responsibilities as a Trainee?

To assimilate daily analysis reports, data collection and bar chart representation.

How much time did you contribute on a daily basis?

My timings were 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM.

What were the top 3 skills you acquired?

  • Hunger for learning & creativity

  • Badminton (pastime)

  • Blog Writing

How did your internship help you going forward in your career?

It will provide a boost and direction to my career as my work stream is related.

If someone wants to apply for the same role, what would be your advice to them?

You have to be honest in this field with the work. Dealing with environment is critical and the stats need to be recorded and presented truthfully.


Shahanaz's internship experience would give you a unique perspective of environmental engineering. A not so commonly heard of stream of work that comes with heavy responsibilities.

Thanks Shahanaz for reaching out and sharing your experience with us. I'm certain it'd help many aspirants who wish to enter this unique field.

Any non-engineer, who wishes to share his/her experience is most welcome. You can also do it anonymously here -


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