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Updated: Jun 28, 2020

This post will have no name.

No images and no keywords.

This post will not be promoted.

This post need not reach thousands.

It will be read by the ones who matter.

People I've talked to.

The ones I pray be fine.

Be kind.

To yourself and to others.

Hands are trembling while I type this.

Don't do it.

The least expected things move you.

Be kind.

Sometimes, we are so lost in our problems that we forget to look around.

Lend an ear.

Don't do it.

Some are fortunate to have people.

People who listen.

Please find.

Please be one.

A small comment on social media.

An unintended criticism.

You don't know what it may do.

Don't do it.

Be kind.

Be sensitive.

Don't be opportunistic.

Not at others' cost.

Let them have a moment of peace.

You must be kind.

You don't know what it does.

You don't know what its dearth does.

Smiles around don't prove anything.

Don't see the skin.

See the heart inside.

It can be weak.

It can be going through a lot.

Be kind.

Just be kind.

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