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WAT Topics - IIM Calcutta

Updated: May 4, 2020

This post contains the list of topics that have been asked for the Written Ability Test (WAT) in the IIM Calcutta interviews conducted to date at different venues:


  • It was on film Censorship and asked for our views in favour and against.

  • On the lines of science vs mythology and science supporting mythology recently unlike past.

  • Last year has been a major highlight wherein some high profile weddings too place in India. What in your opinion are the pros and cons of big fat Indian weddings ?

  • Universal Basic Income has been in the news recently. What would be the challenges in implementing such a scheme in India?

  • Discuss the gray area of the MeToo Movement. What are your views on who should be accused and who should be believed?

  • Suggest measures to improve the health indicators in a country.

  • With over a billion users worldwide, mobile phones are becoming all pervasive. What will be the impact of this? Will this be of any benefit?

  • How tourism in ecologically sensitive areas is harmful and remedies with respect hill stations?

  • In 2019, Indian Science Congress published various papers claiming the ancient India had advanced scientific developments like aeroplanes, test tube babies and space exploration etc. What is your opinion? What do you think is the reason for these claims? What future implications will this claim have?

  • Has Bollywood been instrumental in national integration in India? Your views on should cinema aim to influence opinions of the public.

  • Multimedia platforms provide scope for different types of expressions. Is this a positive trend? Are there any inherent dangers? What is your view?

  • There is poor state of secondary education in India. What are the reasons behind it and What should be done by government to tackle this problem? (300 words – 25 mins)

  • Business Management students with background in Arts like Literature or Psychology have a natural advantage in the corporate ecosystem. Do you agree or not?

  • Opinions on flexible time at a workplace.


  • Vertical development of cities is better than the unorganized and unstructured horizontal growth. What do you think?

  • Waste dumping and garbage disposal into the oceans are affecting them adversely. What do you think are the consequences we may face? Suggest solutions to this problem (300 words, 25 minutes).

  • Twisted lines around Euthanasia.

  • PM Modi launched the scheme ‘Khelo India’ to promote sports in India. What are the problem of sports in India and suggest ways to improve them. (25 mins).

  • What were the pros and cons of GST?

  • In the light of the Supreme Court’s ruling on the right of privacy, express your views on Aadhaar?

  • Freedom of speech is important in a democratic nation. How does a corrupt media impact? What is your take on this?

  • In recent months, many governments are banning the sale of alcohol in the states? Analyse the above decision and state both pros and cons? (20 Mins)

  • Psychologists assume that we are all generous by nature. But in this consumer oriented world, it is more about getting rather than giving. Do you agree, give reasons?

  • People think that our education system is not ready for 21st century.

  • Article 21 of the constitution gives us the right to live our own life with dignity. An NGO wants to extend it to right to die with dignity.Will you support its claim? Give your views.

  • Is it justifiable for countries to spend huge sum of money on space research?


  • Global warming has adverse effects on all species on the planet. Should we migrate to another planet? If no, suggest measures to mitigate the disaster.

  • TV Serials have started showing Indian Mythology. Are they an effective way to spread awareness about Indian Mythology?

  • Reasons for Intolerance issue, with examples.

  • Something related to cinema and culture.

  • Law Enforcement Directorate has proposed to decriminalize attempt to suicide. Do you support it or not? Explain.


  • Allowing limited usage of performance-enhancing drugs in sports - pros and cons.

  • Everyday 368 people die in road accidents in India. What are the measures you will take to improve upon this situation?

  • Students want to be admitted to institutes of national importance like IITs and IIMs more for the pay packages involved rather than the educational prospective. What is your opinion about this? Justify your opinion and what led you to decide the same?

  • Impact of FDI through ‘Make in India’ on Indian economy and a common man.


WAT Topics of:

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