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WAT Topics - IIM Indore

Updated: May 4, 2020

This post contains the list of topics that have been asked for the Written Ability Test (WAT) in the IIM Indore interviews conducted to date at different venues:


  • A number of governments in the past have proposed various schemes and measures to improve the condition of farmers. However, 70 years after Independence the plight of farmers is the same. Suggest a few measures to alleviate the suffering of farmers in India.

  • Artificial intelligence is taking over jobs. What are your views on this? Give examples to support your points (300 words, 30 minutes)

  • 'Discipline should be taught by giving duties and responsibilities rather than framing rules and regulations'.

  • Indian education system focus on only academic excellence not social, emotional and psychological development.

  • Fear of missing out has led to higher online activity. Do you think it has resulted in people being more lonely?

  • It is often seen that if you ban a certain activity, you are increasing the likelihood of that activity being carried out underground. The same argument is being debated to legalize marijuana in Universities. Do you agree or disagree?


  • Every year 10 million Indian youth add up into working population, but most of the youth is unskilled and is unable to cope up with technological advancement in the world. What skills, according to you, should be imparted to the youth under the skill development programs?

  • Unethical practices by doctors are increasing . Provide some solutions to improve the current scenario.

  • It is better for old people to live in retirement homes away from rush of city. Do advantages of living in retirement homes outweigh the disadvantages?

  • How ease of doing business ranking is created? What is your opinion on India regarding ease of doing business? What government can do to improve ease of doing business in India?

  • What do you think about the rising rates of pollution in India? Discuss in detail, enumerating causes and ways to combat the same (300 words, 30 minutes)

  • Marketing is responsible for creation of new segments in the industry. What are your views on this?

  • Poor quality of education in government schools (30 min 300 words).

  • Can today's advertisement be accused for misleading the society or not?

  • Indian women are getting educated in increasing scale, but women in the work force haven’t increased in that proportion? According to you what are the causes for this and what steps are needed to remove this imbalance?

  • India's youth is going towards distance learning rather than normal college courses. Discuss challenges and benefits.

  • What can government do to tackle garbage disposal issue in major Indian cities? How can citizens help government for the same?

  • Economic growth and environmental protection are mutually exclusive. Is it possible to achieve one without negatively affecting the other. Give your thoughts on this.


  • Subjects such as humanities aren’t given attention as science takes the limelight. However companies look for a broad base education in their employees. How can universities devise courses to make students more employable?

  • Supreme court decided to have National anthem sung in movie theaters. Does this promotes patriotism? Is it the only way to promote patriotism what is your opinion?

  • Impact of Facebook and Twitter in our lives.


  • Economic growth and environmental protection are mutually exclusive. Is it possible to achieve one without negatively affecting the other. Give your thoughts on this.

  • Kids in Indian Metros do not know languages other than Hindi and English. Should they learn their mother tongue, along with other Indian languages? Give your arguments.


WAT Topics of:

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