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WAT Topics - IIM Kozhikode

Updated: May 4, 2020

This post contains the list of topics that have been asked for the Written Ability Test (WAT) in the IIM Kozhikode interviews conducted to date at different venues:


  • Capitalism is slowly and inevitably leading to mankind’s extinction.

  • Should India restrict entry of foreign companies in India or should it regulate the entry?

  • Should the government give preference to Indian companies such as Flipkart, Ola to give them an advantage over foreign companies?

  • MeToo Movement has become propaganda in for women to accuse their male counterpart in the workplace. Discuss.

  • Our progress will lead us to our extinction.

  • De-urbanization is the need of the hour.

  • Religion and Politics are inseparable.

  • In case of a conflict, the constitutional laws should always prevail over the personal laws in India.

  • Threat to secularism is overrated.

  • Difference between selection criteria of Supreme Court judges in India and the United States.

  • Should companies just focus on profit maximization?

  • Data privacy is secondary to internet related growth.

  • Machine learning will take our jobs.

  • When it comes to business, greed is good.

  • The Volkswagen Scandal.


  • With increasing unemployment, India should ban all its efforts on self-driving cars.

  • Should India focus on Smart Cities when 30 crores of its citizens are still without electricity?

  • The only way to conquer what you fear, is by doing it over and over again.

  • Corruption has been prevalent since the beginning of human civilization. Hence, there's no point in trying to stop corruption.

  • History has taught us enough. Now we must learn our own modern day lessons.

  • Higher education is a guarantor of better pay and prospects.

  • The government should not bail-out national banks even in case of bankruptcy.

  • Money is yours, but resources belong to the society.

  • Should India finance its infrastructure through Internal finances or external borrowings?

  • The world is literally made up of the stories we tell. If we want to change the world, we need to change the stories we tell.

  • The sole responsibility of companies is to make profits.

  • Doing something right saves time better than explaining doing something wrong.

  • Right to Privacy is in danger in India.

  • Should India have Presidential form of government?

  • Private sectors promotes employee’s ability and public sector promotes employment.

  • How important is the role of a leader in a business organisation?

  • Is population of India an asset or liability?

  • Strength does not come from physical capacity. It is derived from an indomitable will.

  • Ethics and business don’t go together.

  • Education is the progressive discovery of our own negligence.


  • Something on the lines of environment protection and the need to save human species/Earth.

  • Individual incentives are better than team based incentives in an organization.

  • Govt. providing subsidies and its advantages and disadvantages for the whole country.

  • Digital India and its changing dynamics.

  • Future Wars will be fought over Air and Water instead of Economic Wealth and Patriotism.


  • Individual vs. Group Appraisal system in any company.

  • Who is responsible for the lack of safety of women in India?


WAT Topics of:

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