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WAT Topics - IIM Shillong

Updated: May 4, 2020

This post contains the list of topics that have been asked for the Written Ability Test (WAT) in the IIM Shillong interviews conducted to date at different venues:


  • The case was an ethical dilemma about whether a person can share a software he uses as a part of his job to his friend who will benefit by using the software.

  • A driver with 15-year work experience and good behavior was promoted as a personal driver of Managing director of a large public sector company. On a day, after a long tiring trip, he took the vehicle to his own house rather than parking it at the office, which was against office norms. On that very day, he killed an 8-year-old girl who was crossing road hastily. The driver tried to save that girl but it all happened so quickly, that he could not save her. He was taken to custody but was later released from the law of land due to lack of enough evidence. Now you are managing director of the company. Decide what course of action you would take keeping that fact that taking office vehicle to home was against companies rules and regulations?

  • It was a case discussion. Legal and ethical perspectives were mentioned during the discussion regarding a corporate scandal.

  • Based on the course of action for a company’s management so as to remain in the same market or diversify into another.

  • MD’s driver instead of leaving the car at company’s parking took it (was too tired) to his home after driving whole night. But while driving met an accident & a 8 year old girl died. Internal committee recommended to fire but final decision will be taken by MD.

  • A situation of a group of farmers currently earning 6 lakhs per year each, were given an opportunity of entering into contract farming by an MNC where they could earn 8 lakhs per year but had doubts regarding the soil quality by growing the genetically modified crops for the MNC.

  • The case was a person who is in the business of supplying metal parts to automobile companies and defense sector was facing a dilemma since similar businesses in his area were closing down due to loss of income. His own business had turned unprofitable in the sector of automobiles and he was sustaining only due to income from the Defense sector to where he was supplying materials. Also, since his entire family history was in producing of raw metals and not this supply chain he could not even ask money from his family since no one would help him as he had gone out of the family business. Also, he had taken a loan of 4 lacs from some person and now it was overdue to be paid back. Discuss in such a situation what he should do.

  • The country’s biggest NGO for children is offered a huge donation from a big conglomerate whose major product is cigarettes and which is known for buying off its opposition by making such donation. What would you, as the manager of the NGO do?


  • The case discussion was about polio vaccine.

  • It was about a person Hari working for chemical company who built a plant near river Ganges and had permission from Pollution board to dump wastes in river but additional phase is required to treat wastes.His supervisor denies him building additional phase stating company is in tight financial conditions and he’s new here so should obey orders and or else CEO will remove him.Discuss what should Hari do?

  • About a company planning to venture into a different sector.

  • Case study regarding electricity grid failure. 3 mins to read and jot down points. 10 mins of discussion.

  • It was based on a dilemma faced by a strategic manager of an MNC, where he had to choose between profit for the company, and work ethics. We had to reach a consensus on whether the manager should continue unethical practices to maximize the company's profits, or take diverse measures.


  • It was a about a cake manufacturing company which was facing losses for the past few months and had a personal brand of cakes. It was given an opportunity to become a subcontractor for another company. So, we were asked to suggest the right course of action.

  • The case given was an ethics/ human resource management situation.

  • The case study given to my group was related to sales. It asked us to discuss if it was okay to compromise with the revenue of the company to increase the market share.

  • There is a man Narain. Narain works as a hardware maintenance engineer in Keep it right. He now got to know about ABC which is an institution of international stature and has 3 vacancies for the post of computer programmer. Narain applied and because among the 10 candidates he was the only one with work experience, he gets selected. He is recruited with a probation period of 1 year. In some months Narain’s department head Mr. Siva Dasia gets to listen about Narain’s incompetency and irresponsible behaviour from the clients. Siva Dasia asks Narain to work under him. In two months he observes that Narain’s programs are full of errors. He thus decides to dismiss him. He conveys the same to Narain and give him recommendation in three companies where he could apply. Narain gives interviews in all the three and gets rejected. Finally, he gets a stay order from court which says that Siva Dasia cannot remove Narain. What should Siva Dasia do?

  • Something about a new company hiring all talents from the existing ones.


WAT Topics of:

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