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Weekday or Weekend Batch? - CAT Coaching

Updated: May 5, 2020

If you're planning to enroll yourself for CAT coaching and are confused between the two kinds of batches that are available, here's a guide on how to make that choice. First, let's understand what both the choices entail:

Weekday Batch

There are two kinds available within the weekday batch:

  1. MWF - Monday-Wednesday-Friday

  2. TTS - Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday

Both the batches have 1.5-2 hours classes available in two shifts (mostly 3 to 5 or 5 to 7). These batches are meant for college-going students, who attend the coaching class after their college hours.

Weekend Batch

In most institutes, the weekend batches are flexible - there are almost 3-4 batches that run from morning to evening with classes of 4-6 hours per day on both Saturday and Sunday.

These are meant for office going candidates, who cannot attend the weekday batches due to their office hours.


Now, let's talk about the choice you should make. If you're a working professional, weekend batch is the only way out unless your job allows you a couple of hours in the evening to attend coaching.

If you're a student, both the options are available to you but make the choice after considering these:

  1. Lethargy - When you're already waking up to attend the college and are out of your home/PG, you'll feel less lethargic to attend the coaching the same day.

  2. Workload - During weekends, most of the professors in college hand over assignments, tests, etc. to prepare. This might interfere with your preparation if you have a weekend batch.

  3. Revision - This is the most important reason. If you attend the weekday batch, you will have the weekend by yourself to revise whatever gets covered in the week.

  4. Mocks - In the initial days, mocks are conducted mostly over weekends. Even if you're giving a self-proctored mock, you'd want to give it on a weekend.

Due to these reasons, it is recommended that you take the weekday batch if you're a student.

When I was preparing for CAT, I used to attend the weekday batch, solve all the questions covered during the weekdays from the coaching material as well as other reading material. The weekends were kept for revising the concepts and attempting/analyzing the mocks.

Hope this helps.


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