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What Makes IPM By IIMs Different From Traditional Graduation - An Insider's Perspective


I joined IIM Rohtak (IPM) in August 2019. I had to choose between Delhi University, NMIMS , Mumbai University and IIM Rohtak - I didn't know how to differentiate between these colleges and what they would offer. This post is for all the aspirants who feel the same, students who don't know what IPM actually offers and how it is different from the traditional B Com/BBA Degree.

Just like everything in the world, the Integrated Programme in Management (BBA + MBA / BA + MBA) has its pros and cons and here, I will cover both - these are my personal opinions, feel free to agree/disagree.

About IPM

The Integrated Programme follows a TRIMESTER system with 7 subjects per trimester, the subjects are not related to each other, a term may consist of Statistics, IT, Philosophy and Psychology at the same time; economics is a part of each term in one or the other form - Micro, Macro, Sustainability and Labour Economics. Be prepared to face 21 subjects per year, you might like some of them, might not like others. I personally liked Integration, Financial Analysis, Philosophy and Labour Economics.


One gets to study a variety of subjects and discovers one's likes and dislikes. I never thought I would love Philosophy or Integration but I really enjoyed both the courses.


There is always a lot to study, seven subjects means at least 10-14 assignments per trimester along with 14 exams, several quizzes and some days you might feel exhausted.


How is this different from B Com / BBA from Delhi University / Mumbai University?

1. Delhi University follows a semester system, four to five subjects per semester, a total of 10 subjects per year. These subject combinations are traditional in nature and commerce students might have studied some of them at the school level. Students get a lot of spare time to participate in club events, fests etc. which is a bonus.

2. IPM is a Residential Programme, it is compulsory to stay on campus and one cannot leave the campus frequently due to 100 percent attendance rule. Bunking classes is not a trend here, biometric attendance system is used at IIM Rohtak and you cannot skip classes without any valid reason.

We all know the pros of being regular to classes right from the beginning and since everyone is attending classes you clearly are not missing out on any fun.


Who should opt for IPM at IIMs?

Students from all streams can opt for IPM. I believe one should opt for IPM only when he/she is sure about his/her interest in management. Since, this is a five-year programme, it will be hard to change your trajectory once you already entered this programme.

Also, I must mention that the total fees for the first three years currently is about 5 lakh rupees per year each including living cost and mess charges. Several banks do provide a loan facility for the same.

For more information you can check out my website Delighted Humans or leave a message in the comments section! My name is Drishti Chawla and I am second year student at IIM Rohtak (IPM).

Glimpses of the Campus:


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