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Witty Responses to IIM Questions

Updated: May 5, 2020

Questions that could've made the candidates struggle, but they responded well:


Q: Domestic violence has been increasing at a rate of 160%. That means you will hit your wife, isn't it?

A: Sir, I am having a hard time finding one. Do you really think I will hit her if I find her.

Q: What do you know about IIM-C apart from it being triply accredited, having lakes in campus, being the oldest IIM and regarded as the best in finance?

A: (after thinking a lot) Its fest is called Intaglio.

Q: Can you connect cricket with nature?

A: Sir, a cricket ground in Zimbabwe or Kenya has a tree in its boundary.

Q: (smirking) Huh, like this I can connect even the police with cricket!

A: (excitedly) Sir, in fact Shane Bond was a police officer before becoming a cricketer.

Q: (breaking the ice) You must be tired of waiting for your turn. What are others saying about us?

A: People are saying you guys are quite chilled out.

Q: People have been disturbing us interviewers by entering in between interviews since morning. I am starting to get angry. I’ll get angry at him. Then I’ll get angry at you. Will getting angry help?

A: No sir, getting angry will definitely not help. It’ll cause a domino effect. You’ll get angry at him, then you’ll get angry at me, I’ll get angry at my mother, so on.

Q: (Laughingly) You will still get angry at your mother.

Q: What makes the road broad?

A: Making the road broad makes it broad (everyone burst into laughter).

Q: (in the IIM-A interview) What is your first preference?

A: Sir, obviously A, the top institute of the country.

Q: What if the same question is asked to you in IIM-B interview? A: Sir, I hope they don't ask this question.

Q: So are you a Mama’s boy or a Papa’s boy? A: Mama’s boy. I guess my father is also my Mama’s boy. She runs the house.

Q: So what kind of questions are you expecting from us?

A: I expect the unexpected!


This list will be updated daily, keep checking the Repository of IIM Interviews.

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