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Worksheet 2 - Percentage & Mixture Chapter Types

Solve the questions after watching this video:

Type I

In a family, there are 5 earning members A, B, C, D, E and their incomes have changed over last month. Written below are their OLD incomes and in bracket the change in % is given. Solve questions 1 to 5 basis this data.

A: 2,000 (+20%)

B: 1,000 (-10%)

C: 3,000 (+30%)

D: 4,000 (-20%)

E: 5,000 (+10%)

Q1 - Post the change in income, calculate C's income as a proportion of the family income.

Q2 - ___'s new income is equal to the difference between ___'s old and new income. Fill in the blanks.

Q3 - What is the percentage change in the total family income?

Q4 - What is the percentage point difference between D's old and new income as a proportion of the family income?

Q5 - If the highest income ranked 1 and lowest ranked 5, how many members saw a change in rank post the change in income?

Type II

Q6 - If a solution of salt and water contains 10% salt and 30 L water evaporates, the salt concentration becomes 20%. Find the quantity of original solution.

Q7 - In a 100 L mixture of pulp and juice where 25% concentration is that of pulp, how much pulp will need to be added in order to make juice's proportion to the mixture 60%?

Q8 - In a 25 L solution of alcohol and water in ratio 2:3, how much water needs to be added to make alcohol 20% of the solution?

Q9 - In a solution, salt and water are in the ratio 4:3. When 5 L of water is added, the ratio becomes 4:5. How much salt is there in the solution?

Q10 - In a solution of salt and water, salt constitutes 30% of the solution. If 60 L fresh water is added to the solution, the concentration of salt becomes 10%. Find the quantity of original solution.


Q1 - 24.5%

Q2 - B, C

Q3 - 6%

Q4 - minus 6.54 points

Q5 - 2 (C and D)

Q6 - 60 L

Q7 - 25 L

Q8 - 25 L

Q9 - 10 L

Q10 - 30 L

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